Current Work

Settlement  – A second collaboration from Stephen Carley and Keith Hayman at.

Gordon Works (Valley Road)

Sheffield and at sites round the city

April 1– 6, 11am – 3pm each day

Free entry


Settlement… Keith Hayman continues his urban wandering with…

Once these were…Cities…

Always on the move, in constant flux and change

Vanishing without trace

Exploding across the landscape

Victims of change – politics, war and civil strife

Worn out from daily use.

Once these were – glitzy facades then drive by cafes and wasted land pushing up the daisies

Beneath the surface, out of sight – always makeshift shelters, signs on the walls and structures beyond use.

A Line in the Forest – For Cristo and Jean Claude

After “To Infinity”, see elsewhere on the site, I am currently working on another woodland project, placing between 200 and 400 milk cartons in a forest, outside a major UK city., see test piece images. The piece should be on site at the end of 2012.



Retail bounces back strongly as the EU moves into action

Increased sales come as a relief as retail climbs 5% in the 2nd quarter

Across the EU, the European Economic Commissioner, has announced the creation of European consumer units. 100 ECUs are now in place, she says, ready to help flagging local economies. Several units can also be used together in national emergencies, to pump prime national economies.

Each unit has 100 consumers, led by a Consumer captain, with five lead consumers in each unit.

They are brought into action whenever market analysts decide that buying has dropped below an acceptable level. They continue to operate until analysts decide that the local economy or retail sector has recovered.

Each unit is made up of carefully selected model consumers, who receive 10 days annual training and have to attend a summer consumption camp (an ECC).

Amongst other things they are taught targeted, high focus consumption.

Each member receives a fixed stipend, depending on their class, age and sex.

Units are also selected according to a balanced social and economic mix, to reflect normal consumption patterns.

Units are not normally used during public holidays or national events such as royal weddings or big sporting events, when consumption rises anyway.

Watch out for an ECU in your area, easily recognisable by their distinctive uniforms and different coloured tops.


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