To Infinity

To Infinity – DATE!

A triangle of 120 red topped cartons disappearing into a wood, on the Hathersage to Sheffield Road.

National Park Cartons Remain a Mystery

May have fallen from the Sky Theory

From our Northern Correspondent

Experts are no closer to solving the sudden appearance of 120 white carton shaped containers found inside the Peak District National Park, above the Hope Valley, in Derbyshire. It is still not clear how they came to be in a wood by the side of the Hathersage to Sheffield road. Earlier this week passers by reported cartons falling from the sky but this is now thought to be a joke. And in any case it wouldn’t account for them later being found laid out as a triangle in Whim Plantation, along with a large sign.

One of the cartons was later taken away for examination by experts, who tried to work out where they might have come from. Remains of a label were found, along with a code – S2R 16.30 DY004. Analysis has shown that the material is not water based but thought to be plastic. One eye witness suggested they could have fallen from a plane. But the latest theory is that they may have fallen off the back of a lorry.

For now the puzzle remains.


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