Welcome to Haymanopolis

Welcome to Haymanopolis
an exhibition of work by the late Keith Hayman
7-16 October 2014

Often humorous, noisy and colourful, sometimes poignant, poetic and probing, the art that makes up the world of Haymanopolis is never short of something to say. This first major retrospective exhibition of the late Keith Hayman draws together seen and unseen drawing, painting and collage/bricolage and recreations of installations, pulling together familiar motifs and themes such as Modernity and Utopia, man and the city, and commodification and consumption.

Among the exhibits will be a recreation of an installation the artist was working on at the time of his death in collaboration with London artist Adam Forman to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the battle or Orgreave.

Workstation in Sheffield is a fitting venue. As a member of the city’s economic regeneration team back in the 1980s, he was a key figure in the creation of the Cultural Industries Quarter. On retirement in the mid 90s, he took up a studio and launched another life for himself as a serious artist. He was instrumental in organising Open Up Sheffield, worked sporadically as an arts consultant, and sat on various arts forums. He was largely self-taught as an artist, something he felt was important for him.

“I continue to do the things I did as a child” he said when asked about his art, paraphrasing the words of the American sculptor Carl Andre, whose famously placed bricks (just a pile on the floor) had caused such a stir at the Tate in the early 1980s. Something of a latent anarchist himself, Keith’s attitude towards things creative was similarly provocative:

“I am by nature an optimist, although much of what I do seems to express pessimism and frustration … There is an anarchy present [in the art I make] and as I get older I find it increasingly difficult to take the world too seriously”.

Since the late 1990s Keith had exhibited continuously across the region and wider afield. He had solo exhibitions at Derby City Art Gallery and x-church Gainsborough, and was represented at art fairs in London and Manchester. But it is perhaps for his open studios and more random art ‘happenings’ in and around Sheffield that he will be best known.

Keith Hayman died last year at the age of 69 while riding with his Sheffield cycling club, Sharrow CC. This exhibition has been selected by Marcus and Hilary Hammond of BendInTheRiver, and by Janet, Matt and Louisa Hayman. The show will be open daily Mon to Fri 8am – 6pm, Saturday 1pm – 5pm and Sunday 1pm – 3pm and admission is free.

Contact details for further information: Matt Hayman, 07715113782, mattyhayman@hotmail.co.uk

Keith Hayman Obituary

One Response to “Welcome to Haymanopolis”
  1. Jenny Patient says:

    We really enjoyed the exhibition this afternoon – had a sense of meeting a very interesting person. Many of the drawings and pictures made a strong impression on me. The informality of being able to look at Keith’s sketchbooks was really lovely. Thank you.

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