When Rubbish Rules the World

Here are constructions, experiments and explorations that play with the everyday – projects always in progress and never the same.

From churchs to table tops, in riverside warehouses and old cutlery factories, on the street and pavement and in the workshop.

With plastic bottles, cartons and containers, cardboard boxes and tubes, tinl cans, breeze blocks,bricks and tiles, newspapers, string, dust sheets, batons, staples, lining paper and a multitude of everyday materials – found, collected, given and bought.

Tottery structures and shelters, messages to, from and for architects, splitting images, new model armies, white cities, production lines  and objects being what they are

The dynamics of constant change –creation and destruction  -wandering and nomadic – where everything that seems solid keeps melting into air

A continuing fascination with chaos and order, planning and anarchy, freedom and control. Intrigued by materials but wary of know how.


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